maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2016

An adventure of a lifetime

I think writing this blog from time to time also in English is good for me. In the first place I am sure I will make a lot of mistakes writing this, but please try to be patient, and the main idea is to improve my English skills. At some point I want to have some contacts from outside Finland and therefore English is a must. I know Finnish markets pretty well and I actively update my knowledge but I have a hunger also for markets abroad.

An adventure of a lifetime, not just a good song, but also holds the main idea of the whole investing world and is also a way of life for a landlord. Being a good investor means that it is a hobby for a lifetime, you have to think way ahead into the future. Being a landlord is pretty much different than investing in stocks, bonds etc., both have a lot of similarities but comparing the two I say that being a landlord and doing a lot myself is much more adventurous and fun. You never know when your tenant calls, they move out or left their key inside etc.. Stocks don't call you, they go up and down and businesses change but they are not as interactive and eventful as being a landlord. Yes I have picked my side and many others might say quite the opposite. But yea, the blog is about being a landlord and I am telling my story and it is an adventure of a lifetime.

This is still quite early days of my adventures of a lifetime as a landlord. I have already seen pretty much but I can imagine that there is much more to come. Many more times I will have a pointless conversation, laugh my lungs out, wonder to sell or not to sell etc.. I have done many things that an investor or a landlord should not but I hope that at some point I will learn. Also a reason to have this blog, a reminder for me what I have done and what I should have done. Am I going to be a landlord for the rest of my life? Time will tell, I hope not, I hope that I know to jump of the train at the right time.

I think you can get better English even by Google translating my earlier posts. I hope not but I seriously can imagine that. Welcome aboard, until next time!


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