tiistai 20. kesäkuuta 2017

Finland (under construction) vs the world

Finland and especially Helsinki is under endless (at least for now) construction boom. More apartments, more offices, more malls. Buildings are booming like mushrooms... Or something like that. Never the less, more and more people in Finland are moving towards job opportunities and growing cities like Helsinki. Helsinki, being the capital, leads the boom and is sucking in more people from all around Finland and also from abroad.

I did just visit Berlin and the same endless construction boom was going on there too. In Germany there are a lot more big cities than here in Finland but Berlin is like Helsinki, growing and under mass construction boom. Real estate markets are almost everywhere about location, location, location. And when looking at Berlin or Helsinki, the central area seems to be quite full already. Maybe no skyscrapers in Finland (yet) but people tend to want to live near services and job opportunities.

Just a couple of weeks ago Sponda, company focusing on offices and malls, was informed to be a target for an acquisition. Foreign companies have also apparently seen the possibilities here in Finland. Real estate markets have been decades, if not centuries, one key business to build wealth. Tesla has made clear it might have interests in Finland. It is not (anymore) just our beloved neighbor that arouses interests abroad and steals our thunder.

Comparing Finnish real estate markets to London or even way further over seas like USA and Asia, I could imagine that Finland is like a candy shop and not so badly priced. There are many other countries in Europe that are not expensive either but Finland has obviously attracted some interest. How much and for how long, only time will tell.

Finland is seen as a way to get at least some returns on investments, stocks are priced high already and no one knows what is going to happen (same with interests and bonds too). Real estates have always been some sort of a safe heaven for investors, no it is not risk free, but it is nothing as volatile as stocks or bonds. Lots of people have made a lot of money in real estate... Well with stocks too... And bonds, and and and... yea yea yea... It depends on from what point of view you look at things.

I wouldn't mind making millions in real estate... Wishfull thinking? Maybe... Dream big and so on!

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