torstai 9. toukokuuta 2019

It's gonna get legendary

I start my day as usual, wake up, not springing up like a bolt. I am slow... My mornings are always slow. I am in no hurry, I have nowhere to be, I have become the legend I have always wanted to be. Just 5 years ago when I turned 30 I quit my job, I had 6 real estate investments that gave me enough income to do "whatever" I want. 6 is not even that much? But when you say it like you mean it, it really can mean something.

I heat my porridge, enjoy my slow morning. It is turning 10 am soon, I read the news, watch a little Netflix or so... I look outside the window, sun is up high, so is my smile. Maybe time for a swim? I stretch a little wash my teeth, get out and stretch a little more before going to the gym and to the pool.

I finish my training around noon, I head for lunch, meet some friends. Soon I need to head to work. WAIT? Work? I thought... I quit? I quit my old job and started doing whatever I like. I still have loans and I now have a family. I do occasionally odd jobs, I still have my old hobbies I get paid for and I still like them. Now I have the freedom to work when and where I want to. Maybe later I go back to real work, just maybe. It is good to have options. Maybe tomorrow I go to the morning shift? Naah... A day off to spend with my family sounds a lot better.

In addition to my 6 real estate investments I have gathered a little more diversified portfolio with many other monthly/quarterly/yearly income streams. I had a plan... Or did I... I think I merely had dreams and high hopes, but sometimes those are enough. High hopes and high expectations are different things. Dreams are the things that can make you fly and I can thank myself and many others that I have had dreams and that I have done a lot too. We need achievers and dreamers but we make wonders if we do them both. 

Dream and just imagine what you could do and then just go and start doing it. Sounds simple but is it really? Yes, I would say so. Live a little.

Vuokranantaja is always in the building, not trapped, but free... Or was this just another dream? Perhaps, but it sounds like a plan.

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