tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2019

I am hunting high and low

Diving from the sky above 
Looking for, more and more, once again...

Wait what... But yes, what a classic - Stratovarius - Hunting high and low (linkki youtubeen). Is it a story about investing? Probably not, but it is pretty accurate. FED is doing stuff, USA vs China, stocks rally every day even higher... Past year has shown us lots of turbulence. 

Sometimes I may win, sometimes I'll lose

It really does not matter in what you invest, you try to buy low and sell high. In the end it is not the whole truth. Investing is a lot more other things too. When I am observing my own investor behavioralism (of sorts), I can see myself seeking (alpha) for the high reward and trying to make a lot of money in the most effortless (like collecting rent and dividend) or at least quickest way possible (like flipping houses, buying and selling stocks). There is no such thing as easy way out or easy money, especially in the field of investing. It is a hard road, you can get lucky, but quite often you need to be patient, you need to be able go through hell and back. But one can also enjoy the ride by collecting dividends rents and so on. Money for nothing indeed.

Stocks are a very good example, they go up, they go down. They never stop. Still it always comes to people as a surprise when they lose money. Of course it hurts but it is never completely unexpected. People are hunting both high and low and that is when you are trying to time the market. Buy low and sell high, then just repeat. Yes, "just repeat", it is never that simple and easy. Otherwise almost everybody would be a millionaire.

It takes nerves to see the blood spilling through the streets (wolf) of Wall Street. Just let it spill even more and then hit the buy button, when everybody else is selling. There is never knowing when we hit the rock bottom things might go even more south. But there is always the otherside, when it starts, nobody knows exactly. Everybody else is buying, stocks just can't go down, the uphill lasts forever, but it never does. Timing is hard, if not impossible, investing is hard, but still people make money by investing. Some win when others lose.

You get ups and downs, markets flow like waves, sometimes they come crashing down. Prepare to hold your breath. Everybody wants to make money but nobody wants to go all in or even go in at all when everything seems to be gone, hope is lost. But that is just the time to make even bigger losses or start making money. Hold your breath, power through the tough times because it is part of the world. It takes guts, it takes intuition... Whatever but atleast it takes time. If you just put steadily more money in and collect interests, rent or dividends it is even quite easy and effortless...

I don't hunt just for the highs and lows, I also enjoy the ride and cashflow. Dividends, interests, rents, etc., I like it all. Do I want it all? Of course I want it all! And I want it now! But I am not just a dreamer, I am also a realist. There are many ways, many asset classes to invest. You need to find your way, know yourself and have a plan. And there are and will be times when I want out, cut my losses or take profits. Hunt for information, hunt for deals, hunt for wins. I am the landlord who likes to hunt or to be hunted. I am hunting for money. 

Vuokranantaja has left the building...

ps. I did it my way, also a great song.
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