sunnuntai 19. helmikuuta 2017

Airbnb Landlord - Testing testing, attention please

So far not so good. I think I have quite a lot to learn. I have taken good pictures which gives nice and tidy big picture about my rental apartment (room and shared living room, kitchen and bathroom). I have a well equipped kitchen, bathroom with floor heating and Sauna. Calendar might be the most challenging, because even I do not know where I am and when but I still would like to have my apartment make me a little extra money (well, who would not?). It might not be a rental because I live in it most of the time but it would be nice not to have it empty, just burning money. But I do start to have a feel how it works and I do get people to come by and klick my accommodation. They have not made reservations yet though.

From the beginning of this year I sort of made a New Year's resolution that Airbnb will be one of my major experiments this year. How big and how much time invested, time will tell. Airbnb landlording seems to be picking up pace also here in Finland and also I need to wake up to it. It is still quite rare and even the officials don't know how to react to it yet. Laws and regulations are being regulated but there have not been yet any bigger issues in the court rooms, so it is quite early to say. People are merely rambling that they don't want Airbnb rental as a neighbor and others don't mind if they (Airbnb visitors) know how to behave and obey the rules. So once again it seems that something new is coming and it cannot be good... Even though manymanymany Finnish people uses it nowadays when traveling abroad and it seems to have more positive than negative feedbacks.

Sharing your own home with foreigners might be scary thought even though it might be also worth something. With reward there comes risk. But what about if you rent your temporary home? You have with you what you need, nothing that valuable that you cannot pick up with you. So you sort of a have the both good sides... It is your apartment as well but you are not that attached to it or to your stuff. You have good enough stuff that you enjoy living there... So I could imagine that others too might enjoy staying there a night or two... I at least hope so.

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