sunnuntai 10. kesäkuuta 2018

Keep your eye on the price

Lets just get it out in the open, I do real estate investing for the money. Not for fun or to help people (yes I do provide a roof over head and a "landlording service", but not for free). I do it just to make more money. It is an income source and thanks to that I hope I do not have to work so much, it is somewhat passive. It does need work especially because I like to DIY nearly everything, so it is not completely passive.

Passive or not, it is an income source never the less. As a real estate investor one should always keep  the eye on the price. For me I it means the monthly rent I receive. I know that I am not going to be a millionaire in a few months. Investing always takes its time and has its risks. I have no need to rush into things without calculated and rationalized decisions.

Real estate business in Finland is booming, it is a hobby for everyone, so good deals are hard to find. Nowadays it needs even more work to hunt down good deals and good renters. It is like a gold rush, everyone wants to participate and make money. 

This post is merely a reminder for myself to keep my head in the game and not to rush in to stupid things. Deals go by every day, but new deals born every day, so no need to worry or rush. The goal is to make more money so I think I am going to do just that.

The Landlord has once again left the building...

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  1. Nice text again :) You have similar thoughts and ideas about the market as I do. Just wanted to tell you that renters are usually called tenants which is the commonly used word for people who rent their flat and live in it. V

    1. Thanks and congratz, I think you are the first one ever to comment my posts! I have much to learn, and I think that I have used the word tenant in earlier posts... Also good to hear other thoughts (about the market or my typos etc :D)