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Once upon a time... The beginning... The (xx) intro...

Once upon a time there was a 22 year old young man who had been living with his parents all his life. Few last years he had spent his time at his parents mostly sleeping because most of his time he spent at school or at work. He was not cheap but he did not really buy anything unnecessary or... well... anything.

Days packed with work or school or both and a little more work. He gathered quite a nice nest egg. Next step for him was to buy his own house, yes a house. He did look different options almost about a year or two but why to bother buying an apartment when with almost the same price one could buy a house.

He did come across a couple of options but found a wonderful small house almost at the city center (at a location where he had gone for school and spent a lot of time when he was younger) and the price was great. He negotiated the loan with the bank and had no trouble to get a loan thanks to his savings and working history. Everything was well set and he made an offer and a second one (it was sort of an auction). He got the house.

There was a lot to do (there was a reason why it was so well priced). The whole main floor went through a thorough renovation: fixing up the floors, new wallpapers and paint, new listings, new doors, new cabinets. Only the kitchen and bathroom stayed the same as they were. Those had been renovated some years ago and had decent appliances and they were in good condition, even though the green color (in the kitchen) was not the best.

The renovations lasted for about 3 months because he had a permanent job and the fixing ups had to be done quite late after work. And there were quite a lot to do (the house looked a bit like a cabin from the inside). It was not uncommon to end the renovation at 11pm. A special thank you goes to his father for showing the ropes and being there every single day with him.

Learning had always been quite easy for the young man and for the renovations he had the hunger to learn more and he has done a lot more since. After renovating the house he slept his first night on a sofa. That was pretty much the only furniture at that time. Everything else came afterwards.

At the age of 23 he bought his first apartment, renovated it and rented it out. A year later he bought another one, renovated it and rented it too. Every single renovation, every single purchase has taught him a lot. He still has his first house, he still renovates and nurtures it (if one can say so about a house). And one day his first house will be the home for his parents, he wants to give something back.

Years have passed and I am who I am thanks to my family, friends and the people around me. I have learnt a lot and there is still a lot to learn and I hope I will. And now a house and three apartments later the hands of time still keeps moving on. 

Vuokranantaja has many more doors to open and to renovate.

And of course the link to the one and only legendary The XX - Intro

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