keskiviikko 22. kesäkuuta 2022

Midsummer thoughts

Midsummer (Juhannus) in Finland is a big thing. It is The Thing in Finland. Juhannus is about friends and family, most of our summerholidays begin with it and it is a great feast. It is not about endless summer but about nightless night. Even though we are living in the land of the Santa Claus and snow we do have (occasionally) a chance to enjoy great and warm summer.

Before and especially during summervacation one has time to think. During years 2020-2022 many might have changed the way we look at the world around us and changed our values. Health and people closest to us have become more relevant. Money still has its purpose but maybe now it is even more the way not the goal. 

What am I dreaming of? Health and prosperity? Of course, for me and my family, for everybody. The real guestion might be: How to? And for that I have not found an answer yet.

There is a lot of noise around us nowadays. Audiobooks for example are great and I have used them for many years before it became popular. But it is too easy to listen to audiobooks or podcasts, or news or… All the time. The same is with our smartphones. When I go out with the people closest to me I try not to even remember my phone. It is just a nuisance so forget about it. I know it makes so many things so much easier but it has its place and time, andd it is not all the time the center of the earth.

I am not dreaming about living just in my own little bubble. But one has to give time to think and wonder. We have all these self help books and things and stuff about self improvement. It is easier to consume information all the time and compare achievements. One has to always look cool and great and be achieving something. Maybe we should think more and compare less, remember who we really are or at least try to understand who we are. Maybe we just need more time for ourselves, just to take a deep breath, enjoy life and nature. Let our mind wonder… 

So let us enjoy summer and Juhannus to the fullest!

Juhannuskettu has left the building.

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